Um, being discordant is a religous practice, thank you!


With that explained, I want to share a life hack to like, forgiving yourself? Um, get over/pass it? We’ll see (to see continue reading)!

Everyone I know, I meet, they are sooo -inhale- oooo0oooo weird! Not obviously, even when it seems obvious. Because, um, non-obvious creatures are composed of habits just as much as the so-called baseline humans. Obviously.

A lot of these things, the weird things, the things people believe, say, do, act, play, fuck, work, destroy, and hope for, they piss me off. But as I age into oldness/level up into wise…ness, I just don’t get bothered. I don’t exactly forgive, it is more… I’ve allowed such a vengence-driven framework melt away to understanding it takes all kinds.

So why, oh lawd, do I not fucking extend that to myself? You know, patient zero, at ground zero, finding zero forgiveness. But I can’t, because if I do, they will see how strange I am.

And that somehow bothered me before finding the good news about chaos miracles! And in accepting that the underlying illusion expresses itself in my reality as everyone’s weird little quirks, then by embracing my strangeness, and therefore the reality of the beholder, which in turn encompasses and is superseded by the other beholders adjacent, I am in fact committing a pious act whenever I let my freak flag fly!


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