Upload caps.

Per this they probably need to be raised. However some discussion on what a reasonable ceiling ought to be is likely to be in order.

Currently 4MB (4096 kb). What’s a good cap? Anything above a certain level should obviously be posted elsewhere, but we should have some wiggle room for knowledge work. How long does it take to upload say, a 50MB file? Is that too big for most people?

Seems reasonable to me; ive got a good connection I wouldnt push that regularly but might be nice if it came up.


How many Kb is that?

I just put in 50000. Anyhow, it has a note about changing a setting in the server proxy, but that might not apply to this configuration. @trashHeap, please test it out. :slight_smile:

Im planning on doing so, setting a timer to remind myself when im less busy.

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@trashHeap, we good? :slight_smile:

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