upsetting music to 2020 to

since i am in such a bad mood, i would like to hear your most upsetting music. we can make a 2020 moods playlist!

my first submission is “I’m Pulling My Face Off,” by Clark, a strange instrumental.

i am enjoying the album it’s on (“Daniel Isn’t Real”), for some value of “enjoying” that includes “biting my nails” and “stacking more dirty dishes into the full sink because we are all too tired to unload the dishwasher.” This song that’s on now, “Volatile,” is a pretty but tense piano piece.


Is that music you listen to when you are upset to no longer be upset, or like, Skrillex-type stuff one uses to focus the upsettingness?

i’m talking about focusing the upsettingness! lol

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Oh, in that case: Human Resource - Dominator (1991) - YouTube

youtube-dl -x

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yes exactly lol

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Try Jea - DARK VOICE - YouTube, particularly if you are familiar with the OST of Macross Plus.


From Dark Flight Dreamer.