use plain text email

This point is well-made:

Top posting

When you reply to an email, many email clients will include a quoted version of the message you’re replying to beneath the text of your reply. This leads to long email threads containing the entire history of the discussion in an increasingly long and nested footer on every email. This is called “top posting” and is strongly discouraged.

Though some clients would have you believe otherwise, you can edit the quoted version of the message you’re replying to, and you’re encouraged to. Feel free to trim it down, cutting out any extra text which isn’t directly relevant to your reply - or removing it entirely. Write anything you have to say underneath the quote it pertains to.

  • A : Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
  • Q : Why is top posting frowned upon?

“But if plaintext is so good, why is this page written in HTML?”
This is a reference document, not an email, you twit.


The top posting versus bottom posting thing is contentious for a long time; and I feel like a new modern day retelling of the better-butter-war could be done with it.

I know plenty of people who would never even see my reply if they had to scroll down to get to it.

But I also think for mailing lists, it makes much more sense and is the propper etiquette.

Ive been debating towards just disabling automatic quoting on replies entirely. Until I land in an email client that can easily shift it’s behavior on a contact, by contact basis.