vehicle log

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car log was too close to cat log!

today i brought in the car to TQ for a routine checkup. the last was a year ago. i was supposed to change the oil sometime, and also bring it back for a checkup by last september, but i did not. i’m glad i finally did because the left front axle needed replacing. $295 out the door.

the back right (i think, yikes) brake pad is getting low, but not critically so; Toan said they’d check it in 6 months.


last week, i washed the car! i waxed it too! i think i waxed it slightly wrong and some pollen stuck to it. i even sprayed and wiped the windows!

then it rained. haha! future-unaware tunas are hilarious!

it’s okay, the wax makes the water “bead off” the car. also the wax doesn’t magically make the peeling paint look better. i really don’t know wtf i was expecting to happen.

i also used the spot carpet cleaner on the front passenger seat. the years-old chocolate milkshake spill is too tough a nut for the spot cleaner to crack. but it sure made the seat a lighter color on the places it cleaned. lol.

Toan said after the road test “it drives so good. i love it” and that has given me a renewed appreciation for its six cylinders. i’m trying the ECT ON button and i think it does give more power when accelerating on the freeway so that’s cool.