Verizon seeks to sell Tumblr

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AAAAHHHHH Self host, people! :frowning:



I didn’t realize Verizon owned Tumblr. I thought Verizon was a mobile phone company. This is all very strange.


Tumblr looks like a multisite blog to some of us, but I happen to know (ha ha ha!) it is a social network, probably one of the strongest in terms of user interaction, and self-hosting won’t replace it. Maybe the AP-fediverse could.

I find it all very distracting.

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It was an incredibly rich social network, but I thought it essentially died as that a number of years ago. Whatever has survived has only done so against the best efforts of Tumblr and its owners. Similar to many other social networks I guess.

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This is relevant:


Also seemingly relevant.

iirc, verizon owns oath which is AOL which owns yahoo which owns tumblr

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That’s a horrible sentence

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I wish I had replied to the porn ban link first, but I didn’t feel like typing it out. Anyhow, I was gonna quip: I’m always careful about where I land on the porn battles.

I am fairly liberal sexually condone freaky consensual ultrasex, especially as it applies to others. But companies are hardly ever on the good side of any argument, and the people behind Pornhub are all kinds of horrible.

So I’d love them to buy Tumblr! What a fitting sacrifice to a beautiful experiment gone awry. Poetic.

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