Watch Dongfang Bubai

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Still flabbergasted that 2013-judytuna said this and every judytuna til 2019 had forgotten. Still want to watch it someday.

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I moved this to #quest-board and will now propose a pattern. :slight_smile:

Similar to #words, I’d like #mediaclub to have threads for artifacts, such as movies.

I think of quest threads as being the HQ for meta discussion, whereas I’d like media discussion to be both focused and freeform; meaning I want non-questing folks to jump in and discuss, without knowing a quest is a thing.

I also want media threads to be heavy with references and media uploads. I plan to initially publish all gifs and shots I pull from a video, for instance, right into the media thread. Later I’ll sort it out. Probably a lot more quests being generated in turn.

So, this is an interesting quest. When you, or I, or someone watches it, the thread should be started and discussed.

A proposal. :slight_smile:

Also I’d like to be juvenile now and say a movie about castration is aptly named Dongfang Bubai (I’ve got nothing for Bubai… there’s definitely something immature there!). :grimacing:

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