weighted blanket

i would like a weighted blanket on my life raft. @maiki, how did you choose which one to acquire?

@susan was the instigator, here. We got the cover for it separately, but Susan will have the deats. :slight_smile:

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The weighted blanket available at Target was in my price range and seemed well made. I bought a separate cover to protect it from a seller on Amazon. It has been a good way to try out the weighted blanket without spending hundreds. maiki really likes it and we learned it is way too heavy for Clover.


ah, thanks! is it just personal preference about weight? may i ask which weight y’all got? i see a few different ones on target’s website!

thank you =)

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We got the 12 pound Tranquility weighted throw. It is big enough for maiki to sleep with although obviously not covering as well as his king sized comforter. It is recommended that the blanket not be more than ten percent of your body weight. The 12 pound throw seems good and heavy.

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It’s funny, because I remember first getting it and thinking it was soooo heavy. Not uncomfortable, but enough that I would always be aware of it. But I am not. I’m a little afraid I won’t be able to sleep without it. Do i now lug 12 pounds of blanket with me when I travel?! :grimacing:

ah! i saw this in the “suggested topics” list so i wanted to update. i got a 15-lb weighted blanket and have slept under it for about a week. i like it. the only issue is that my shoulder hurts, so it sucks to try to drag it up to tuck myself in, but that’s not the blanket’s fault. maybe if i did it over again i’d get a 12-lb like yall.

the cover is soft and fuzzy and has ties. the inside has glass beads.

i recommend the experience!

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