What are fun games to play with a microscope?

@judytuna got Clover a microscope and we used to look at leaves and ink and stuff and then we stopped, so I go looking for games to play, aside from me taking a pic and you all guessing, and every thing is behind a paywall!

Don’t worry, I’ll post a pic (it attaches to a mobile phone camera!) of something, but I want to know: do you recall any fun activities you did with microscopes? Any age, even if you are messing around at work. :slight_smile:

And also: I just thought I could award a badge for having a “solved” post in a particular category, so I could make a #gaming sub-category for posting pics and marking solved the first guessers…

scavenger hunt!

and/or bingo!

with slots like “cell walls” (so a plant, maybe)… “a single-celled organism” … ? different categories of things?

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