What are interesting words that begin with the letter q?

What are interesting words that begin with the letter q? I have need of such a list. Particularly if they sound neat ending with -ing. :slight_smile:

  • queue is a favorite :slight_smile:
  • quantize
  • quake
  • quirk
  • quiz
  • quetzal (-coatl)
  • quandry
  • quay (In the year of our Lord, Eighteen-Hundred and Six/As we left, from the quay cove of Cork/We had in our hull, a shipment of bricks/For the Grand City Hall in New York!)

q doesn’t look like a letter anymore :upside_down_face:


I should add, I started with:

  • quest
  • question

Quyzbuk - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHw4_oPJ6s8

  • quarrel
  • quicken
  • quench
  • quell
  • quack

(not good with ing)

  • quasar
  • quantum
  • quark - Id like quarking as a word though, if it were one.
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Agree to disagree!

I feel you should believe in your ability to make words! All this quarking, it’s distracting. :slight_smile:

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it happened to me at the word “quandry” haha


omg what is a q

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Looks like an upside-down b, to me.

started turning into a backwards p in my head! pestions, lol

funny that your brain did a rotation and mine did a reversal

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Our family is actively thinking about the shapes, orientations, and directions of letterforms. :slight_smile:

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