What do you do with business cards?

i have a lot of them.

Yours, or others’?

both! D:

My own, hand out to everyone. They are contact cards, and I need to make a version for our family; most of my cards are handed out by Clover.

Others: nothing. I don’t collect contact details. There are enough people trying to connect, I don’t go out of my way to get others’ contact info. I don’t remember contact info, a database does. When they email me, they will be in that database. :sunglasses:

This sometimes causes strain, as I offer my card by refuse others. I like to think of it as speed-dating. :slight_smile:

  • Others:
    • Will get transcribed into CardDav contacts or transcribed into a Markdown document in my work notes, depending on usefullness and likely frequency of use. Will be recycled immediately after.
  • My own:
    • Mostly collect dust until I got to conferences. In a good year I might attend 1 or 2 confrences with other universities and vendors. In some years I might go to none. Really depends on how well the university and department is doing financially. 5%-10% will be given to people I think I can collaborate with professionally at other universities. 90%-95% will be put in vendor fish bowls for door prizes, if door prizes exist at that confrence.
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Ever win anything cool? :face_with_monocle:

Ive had colleagues who’ve been able to win laptops and such shenanigans. Ive not done so yet. This might be my most interesting prize which I got when I presented at UNC Cause last year.

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I try to keep one from each job I’ve had. I kept my stash and stand from Dark Horse before I left, because it undoubtedly was my job with the highest nerd street credit. :slight_smile: It’s still on my desk!


!!! business card cubes! i just found out about them because double union will be making them at their booth at maker faire.

so awesome. check out the r2d2!