What Fosdem 2019 talks look interesting to you?

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Here is my list. (Filenames are from the video files I downloaded.) Extra description where filenames do not seem sufficient to describe.

  • activitypub_panel.webm
    • mastodon://@cwebber@octodon.social panel talk
  • basic_engine.webm
    • single board computer anyone can build for less
      than 10 euros that runs basic.
  • decentralizing_web_freedombox.webm
  • duckduckgo_open_source.webm
  • floss_internet_future.webm
  • foss_governance.webm
  • full_software_freedom.webm
    • SFC discuss trying to live like Stallman
      and how easier or hard it is, and has been; and such trends
  • guileracket.webm
    • mastodon://@cwebber@octodon.socia talks about racket and guile scheme/lisp.
  • http3.webm
    • Mozilla take on http3/quic
  • maemo_leste_mobile.webm
    • Devuan derrivative trying to get vanilla kernels and their distro working on mobile.
  • media_libre.webm
    • Producing , distributing and marketing libre video using only libre tools.
  • monica_crm.webm
    • some sort of web app for self hosting relationship mapping and journaling? Seemed strangely interesting.
  • packaging_for_mageia_with_docker.webm
    • how to package for mageia
      using docker. Not interested in docker but I am interested in mageia packaging.
  • retro_gbforth.webm
    • forth gameboy compiler project and intro to forth
  • riscvdebian.webm
  • riscvfedora.webm
  • roadmap_for_the_hurd.webm
  • skulls_coreboot.webm
    • coreboot disribution I use is presenting
  • stopping_community_licenses.webm
    • recent trend of non free “open source” such as Commons Clause.
  • what_did_i_agree_to.webm
    • unusual open source/free software licenses.
  • yunohost.webm


Damn, just the way FOSDEM shares their videos makes me want to attend.


@trashHeap, I kinda don’t get how they are organized there. How did you grab your files? Even better, is there a spreadsheet somewhere? :slight_smile:

Also, way to go @cwebber for keeping a consistent ID across the webbers, er, web. :sunglasses:


their organized by room / room number. Check the schedule for figuring out which talks are located where.

Individual talk pages also should have links to the individual talk files.


Im going to half to attend Fosdem or LibrePlanet one of these days.

Their were a lot of booths this year at Fosdem I would have liked to have seen in action; whose teams seemingly had no corresponding talks. Much to my frustration.


Lets meet up at one! But if FOSDEM, give me notice, I need a passport.

A Generic Guide to *Nix Systems

It won’t be any time soon but when I do go to one or the other ill give you long forewarning. Between my sisters wedding and my own coming up I probably wont have much other travelling money to earmark for a bit; and that might be a stretch to get my employer to send me right now.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Belgium Licence.

Who do we attribute? FOSDEM? The speakers? Is this obvious to non-maiki?


Here’s my list of interest:

I started copying and pasting from the window, but I see that aside from a few very niche talks and administrivia, I’m kinda interested in all of them.

I might do another silly thing and make a bunch of quests daily todo to watch a video, until I get through them, or tired! :slight_smile:


Fosdem I don’t believe is in anyway considered the IP owner of the talks; their just distributing. In most cases id say the speakers and or the organization they represent.


I created #scitech as part of a two-year old discussion, but also because I’d like a place to drop discussions that are easy to find. It is also to make #links a little less techy, to encourage others to share more. I’d love for folks to share more things that delight them, found objects, that sorta thing. But we lean techy, so that can discourage.

Anyhow, I’m gonna start topics to discuss the FOSDEM videos as I watch 'em. I imagine they will go in #scitech or #webcraft. Maybe #text-mode? We’ll see! Tag them all #fosdem!