What is a BBS page?

Continuing the discussion from BBSes - the "web" before the web!:

In the same spirit as What is a game page?, what information is useful when listing a directory of BBS information?

@fuuko, if we figure out which items to track, you could be filling in a spreadsheet or something as you do your writeups, and we can start populating a new database with all the data we want. :slight_smile:

@trashHeap, I imagine you have feedback for this. One possibility I was thinking was not just “has door apps”, but also list popular doors and which systems host them, that kind of thing. And if we can programatically grab listings, I’d just do that as well.

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I think my most interesting data points ontop of what Fuuko was describing were over here: BBSes - the "web" before the web!

In retrospect, if it somehow managed to have a large enough and active enough community id be curious if they had a governance model outside of the BDFL thing.

And I think fuuko was planning on catalog the BBS Door games, which would be valuable. Possibly should cross index to a Game Page.


I was planning on seeing what games they hosted. I suppose I can catalog them as well!

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The BBS Guide tracks:

  • Telnet address
  • SSH address
  • Web address
  • email address
  • Geo location
  • Dial-up number
  • System software
  • Total nodes
  • Login info

@trashHeap your questions, in comparison, sound like “features”, ne? Can we make a pool of things BBS are known for? Doors, time bank/sharing, hosting…?

Here’s the current month’s listing: full_Feb_19.txt (222.7 KB)

Sounds good to me, im just having trouble figuring out how you want to organize the features indipedent of the other data points.

Oooh, what about RIP support? Remote Imaging Protocol - Wikipedia

I mean it could be extinct, but if it isn’t id like to know.


Same goes for FidoNet connectivity. FidoNet - Wikipedia