What is a game page?

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Okay, I’m ready to make a page for a game. What information should it include?

Here’s what I think of: I want to tell a person about a game. I was to share a link. Wikipedia is fine, but maybe it isn’t notable enough, or I don’t care to share the plot with the person, just some screenshots and basic info to figure out if they want to know more.

What have you always wished was included on game pages, wherever. Think game stores, retro sites, different directories that provide one page per game. :slight_smile:

Discover a complete video game item in Wikidata
What is a BBS page?
What is a BBS page?

Things I like knowing about a game (In no particular order):

Screenshots, Elevator Pitch, Developer, Genre of Gameplay, Genre of Setting (if any), Platforms, FLOSS or non-FLOSS, Platforms, Length, Difficulty, DRM/DRM-Free. Queer characters? (character diversity in general?) Does it avoid anime boobs and other gratuitous forms of objectification? Standalone/Part-of-Series, System Requirements (if relevant).


Awesome list!

So for things that can be tracked in Wikidata, we can pull those things in as needed. That’s cool, because we can handle the rest “locally”.

I’m personally inspired by “anti-features” in F-Droid and other systems. I’d like to have both, “Features” and “Anti-Features”, as two taxonomies. This would allow us to load in ready-made explanations of the thing. So we can say things like, fantasy racism, gratuitous objectification, drm.

One of my goals is to have each anti-feature tied to one or more features, so we can relate games that way.

This game has $issue. We recommend $bettergames!


Along with system requirements, I’d like to have install instructions, with links to more details if needed. One reason is to show how free gaming and distros simplify installing games. Also, we can choose how we link to other sites. Steam is out. GOG gets a URL, but unlinked. I’ll see how funky this method is. :slight_smile:


I like that a lot.

Being able to recognize if something “works in dosbox” or scummvm or wine at a glance would be nice. Its kinda annoying to me that GOG isn’t upfront with what is running under the hood with their classic catalog.


We are definitely going to solve this, one game at time.

Aside: this is why I’m using a questing system, so we can move on games that have the most impact, by front loading the ones we care about. Once we have a workflow in place, folks will see how to add and update their own favorite games.

Is it possible to express “works in” in Wikidata? Because then we could do lots of folks a favor at once. I haven’t thrown myself into Wikidata and gaming yet, but I have been reading a blog that I can’t find now (!!) about how the games in Wikidata are getting updated. I want to improve on the data when it comes to our attention, it really pays it forward! And if that is a datapoint we can express, we ought to. :slight_smile:


Found it! I had read it on the mobile, and I don’t sync things…


@trashHeap, something I’m excited for is to map all the things that are represented in Wikidata (let’s call it our core, notable fact DB), and then we use our own data to merge in things that are important to us. For instance, queer characters. Except I don’t mean to mark a game as such, I plan on graphing that info, where we can load up all the characters and create relevant queries.

On a personal note, this is a path emerging for me. I might be able to do something with this professionally, but it is really important for our species that more people try to organize the data. We can’t leave it to the corps, they are out to get us! And they just steal our data anyhow.

Anyhow, I’m considering looking into setting up Wikibase, but that will involve me finally figuring out Docker so I am confident my data is safe, and that is also a server. We’ll circle round back. :slight_smile: