What is a hardware page?

Kinda thinking one day it would be nice to catalog and database and wiki all the single board computers, hackable handhelds, ethical tricorders and various other open hardware projects I endessly yammer on about. Would that be useful? What datapoints would others who are not me be interested in on those?


Something I’d love to see is a list of “What is this good for?”. Like, ok there is this new single board computer, is it for gaming, novelty, neural net, etc?

What OSes run actually well on it? + links to references to actually setting up said OS.

That’s all I’ve got for now.


what!!! what even! how do you measure how ethical a tricorder is? which dimensions of ethical: data retention/spying, hardware and software sourcing, ease of use/accessibility…?!

what i’m saying is: yes, this would be useful. i agree with tim: a what is it good for doing would help with the feeling of “there is a toolbox full of tools, but i have no idea what most of the tools do” … and it would also help us imagine the world we could live in some day.

like a world with ethical tricorders !!!

i also love the idea of cataloguing and logging things!

I kind of find this a spectrum of different axis. Comprising things like the PinePhone and LibremPhone, but also things like the FairPhone.

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Tim speaking of SBCs. Is their a way of describing which boards align with which form factors in any easy way?

I was looking at a review for a RaspberryPi case the other day and the reviewer was trying two or three other families of SBC in it, noting which would fit and which wouldnt and it reminded me, that I kind of find this a little dizzying. Right now products just seem to say the one or two most popular board they work with and end it there; but actually seem to work with quite a bit more.

Guess im looking for something like PC case sizing nomanclature. AT / ATX / Mini ATX / ITX ; does such a thing exist for SBCs?

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Would be nice to have some synergy between this and Warez pages right? Such that, you could dial up a single board computer and tell which emulators via what OSes might run on it well.


“Should you buy this?”

I wanted to cite a question I’d like answered. For instance, no one should buy airpods. Some devices are designed in a way that makes then a net loss, such as how long they last.

I’d say most mobile devices and batteries should not be bought. When not obvious, linked conversations would be nice.

Would be kind of nice to have an upvote versus downvote system on something being worthwhile the resources to acquire it, because some answers aren’t black and white; where as caputring some sort of talkgroup consensus ( 3 out of 5 talkgroup folks agree ) sort of thing, might be a good way to capture that.

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