Whatcha cooking?

If one tunes in to the blogosphere one gets a sense folks are hunkering down and making bread-class food during the shut-in. So. Much. Bread.

@susan makes all kinda of bread-class food, as well as others. I’m sure many of you do, too.

I am more of the conversation starter, so I’ll go first and ask: whatcha cooking? :slight_smile:

((Also, maybe unmute #foodstuffs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ))

We had black beans and TVP tacos tonight. (Textured Vegetable Protein), also guacamole and chips! So delicious!

I make a lot of pancakes for breakfast around here. About every other day.


Which, precisely?

It’s super good.

Side note: when we lived up in Oregon City we lived 5 miles from Bob’s Red Mill. You can buy stuff in bulk there, and they have a delicious restaurant! Bob very often lunches there, you can say hi.

We miss it.


Pancake morning.


I have never cooked with TVP. I will have to give it a try!

I have been enjoying cooking (and eating!) quinoa and black bean bowls and lentil burgers. Last night we had sloppy joes with trader joes soy ground beef.

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i hadn’t unmuted #foodstuffs until now! hooray foodstuffs!

ditty saw an instagram video featuring cinnamon rolls in a waffle maker. she immediately walked to the fridge, where she had an unopened tube of cinnamon rolls, and asked if she could open the box for the mini waffle maker i just got for $9.99 at bed bath and beyond. hahaha

it was a great example of changing our behavior for the better (obviously). we now eat delicious cinnamon roll waffles every morning.


air fryer broccolini!

it was really really good. like fries, BUT IT’S VEGETABLES

air fryer baby bokchoy!

i think i raised the food too high lol. i thought this would taste bad because it’s brown, but it was DELICIOUS. like chips, BUT VEGETABLES

pressure cooker banana bread!

this is so delicious, i’m ecstatic! who needs to do normal things like scream at the orange sky when you can play with fancy schmancy gadgets?

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