What's with your camera, Judy?

Continuing the discussion from judy excavates:

So, two things, but really one, because the first is just silly, but worth mentioning:

  1. Why some photos upside down? And more importantly,
  2. Does your camera name images with a UUID? Is that customizable, or part of the OS or app you use?


  1. because i don’t take the five seconds to open the photo editor. i just throw the image into the post, otherwise i know i won’t. sorry, i keep thinking i can fix it in post, but maybe i can’t edit images on the Space or rotate the image using Discourse. hmm.

  2. i don’t think so… i thought it used a timestamp, but it clearly doesn’t. i thought the long filename was being assigned to me by the Discourse uploader or by the Digital Ocean Space somehow.

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Oh, maybe…

Doesn’t rename mine. I’m thinking your camera app does that, by maybe the upload is doing something.

Oh, it would be nice to rotate photos and stuff; that’s an underutilized WordPress feature, it has a relatively robust image editor, built-in.

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