Which CI/CD system to use with

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I have immediate need for a continuous integration server.

Specifically, when I post to #interi, I’d like a webhook to fire a build script for a Hugo site from a git repo.

I’ve done this research before, but hadn’t noted it anywhere, so here we are.

FOSS, self-hosted. :slight_smile:

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The CI/CD system doesn’t need to be on the same box as the gitea instance, ya? Because I don’t think my small server would do well w/it.

Nope. Some of them have gitea plugins, is all. I’m just as well with one that clones arbitrarily. I don’t need reports, just webhook to build.

The more I sit on this, the more I think I can just as easily get by with an hourly or daily cron job…

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It sometimes takes stating the obvious and thinking on it to figure out the answer. :slight_smile: