White noise machine or files?

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We have loud neighbors, but summer means open windows, so we’re trying to add some white noise to the mix. I have a tablet I can use for sound files, so I’m looking for either a dope machine, or some sound data. Whatcha got?! :slight_smile:

I tend to use whitenoise when me and my fiance sleep apart. Like when I am at a conference. Im used to his snoring when I sleep and the silence is deafening without something.

I often use this FLOSS android app: https://f-droid.org/packages/protect.babysleepsounds

Audio files it uses are in the github repo: baby-sleep-sounds/app/src/main/res/raw at master · brarcher/baby-sleep-sounds · GitHub

Before that I would just search for sounds of rain on freesound.org sorted by durration. https://freesound.org/search/?q=rain&f=&s=duration+desc&advanced=0&g=1


Thanks! We’ll try it out tonight! :slight_smile:

The app has a timer and filter cut off (defaults to 1000 Hz, which is nice), and is really great! :slight_smile:

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Glad it worked for ya! Been meaning to file a bug on github to have them abreviate the name down to “Sleep Sounds” as I think most of their users are not infants.

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