Whose Quest? And other questions?

Who must fullfill a quest in order for it to be marked ? Is the person who starts the thread the one who must fulfill it?? Are they open to anyone in Talk Group to fulfill it?

For example now that ive got an ongoing game of MajiMonsters underway with some serious sessions under my belt. It feels firmly “discovered” to me but maybe it’s @maiki 's quest to fullfill and the thread is really about his discovery?

Also. Is there a way to search Quests by user who created them? I’d like to see the votes on just the ones Ive instigated but im missing something obvious.

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Anyone. Not just us. Maybe we make a quest, and it is obviously completed elsewhere. That is a good quest! :slight_smile:

This came a bit later, but quests should have a completion statement. It is open for discussion.

For instance, I think we should have a “game page” of data for that game, in order to complete it. But I haven’t updated it because it isn’t on my radar right now. AS is, hence I’m refining it as I go along.

As we are still pretty early on, this is being written as I… type. So let me know what you think.

I see the “bookmarking” of quests as a duty of the knowledge engineers. We create them and forget about them, as we find interesting connections. For instance, the reason I wanted to deep dive into Assassins’ Creed is because they make heavy use of historical fact to draw from, and in exploring those tangents we’ll get to the good stuff. But I can’t process all the crunch of a given game, so instead I read up on inspirations, make quests for relevant things, and see where the collab goes.

Also, Quests can be marked as solved, so a useful practice is to write up a synopsis or whatever, and mark that as the solution; it gets linked to from the top of the thread, and we can edit it as needed. Then we close it, returning the votes to the folks.

So there is a workflow. :slight_smile:

You have a bunch of queues in your activity dashboard, such as Profile - trashHeap - talkgroup. The API for votes isn’t apparent, and I keep forgetting the one or two things I know about it. But there is that. :slight_smile:

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This shows me quests ive voted for, but not quests where I started the thread.

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One can be kinda creative with the search interface: Search results for 'category:21 @trashHeap' - talkgroup

I wanted to create a feed of my votes, sorted by most voted, but ended up using all quests, not just ones I voted on; in this case I wanted to know what others voted on more than my own.

However, give me some parameters and we can hack up a JSON or RSS feed, and document how we did it. :slight_smile:

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I am looking for something like this sorted by votes.

Just whenever I sutmble across this or say the Friendica thread. I get an urge to mark it as complete. I think I got an itch to start closing the loop on some quests which ive done work on, but don’t know the propper way to fullfill them.

Any objections if I add completion statements to any quests im the originator for?

Yes, please don’t restrict complete statements to only quests you originate. :slight_smile: Every part of the process is collaborative. If someone doesn’t like how a quest ended, they can either talk it out before hand, or create a new quest. It can even have the same name. The hell do we care?! :face_with_monocle:

I personally like the idea of asking if a quest is complete. So, you set up Friendica, explored it, had the experience. If you are done with it, its complete. If I want something else from it, it would be great to have an update and intent to close, and allow a couple of days for others to respond. Make sense? Kinda like an issue queue for a repo.

Also, if you want the full experience, recall we are all chaos miracles, and this is how our modern day guild adventures, and we all have telecommunications magic, so how do you want to handle quests? That’s my daily RP!

Also also, I will crush a lot of the discover quests once I spend time making little text files with front matter matching our various discussions on the “what is a $page” threads. Each time I make one of those, it is in the service of completing quests that are ready. I figure we could kick this phase of documenting further down the line, but it isn’t particularly sexy, and is the actual goal for me, so I’m puttering around. AKA, not let my meandering get in the way of your OCD. Ha! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m actually working. My finances aren’t nearly stable enough to justify all the fun projects I propose.

Two implications:

  1. Don’t let me block ya
  2. The more work/money/time maiki has, the better for all of us.

Ha, I’m firmly aligning my values like that! So… I should be working on portfolio stuff, networking, and building the projects I can for monies. My magic quest board will be waiting there for me. :slight_smile:


I decided to start at the front of my notebook, and here is an older note (perhaps) sharing my inspiration:

Quest Framework

Build quests that create emergent knowledge patterns, increasing serendipity and collaboration.

Quick note to you beautiful quest adventurers!

I make goals for quests that can’t be complete because the thing I’m referencing doesn’t exist. I know that. A lot of “data pages”. I was talking about each kind, search “what is a page?”, but that path was a way to stall. I know what I need to do for each thing, and I’m working my way through the queue.

Rather than breakout in a discussion, I’ll make decisions when I have to, such as in order to proceed a quest. I’m not concerned about scrapping what I do, but in all likeliness showing proof-of-concept will encourage pointed discussion about how to structure the front matter in the big ol’ database we are building. :face_with_monocle:

Also, I’m make squares from brackets, like []. I’m gonna turn on a plugin that makes those checklists. But I don’t like rebuilding the site, so am waiting to install all the plugins I’m adding at once, and some of the others are being tested in the lab at the moment. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Okay, quick-but-not-really note over! :slight_smile:

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