Why does forcing DNS over https off in Firefox break all DNS lookups? (for me)

network.trr.mode is the relevant setting Here is the MozillaWiki article on it:


When it is set to ‘0’ my Firefox works as expected. And is presumably not doing DNS over HTTPS (yet).

I’d rather make sure it stays off even if the default behavior changes.

When it is set to ‘5’, documentation says it should force it off no matter what the default behavior is. In practice though all DNS resolution in Firefox breaks for me.

I am on Firefox 60.6.1esr.


Issue still occurring as of 60.6.2esr. Im actually kind of waiting to see if the next major ESR release corrects this. Im kind of suspecting some of the work on DNS over https has gone on in the intervening firefox releases between 60 and 68.

(Mageia only seems to package ESR releases, which is fine by me as thats my personal prefrence.)

The next ESR release should be out in almost two weeks. I will set a timer.

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I set a timer on this topic, and it just went off. I’m starting to like topic timers a lot! :slight_smile:

Yeah I bumped mine another week. Despite the date on this handy Mozilla provided info graphic ESR 68 hasn’t yet dropped from what I can tell. (Not on the official ESR dowload page, not in the Mageia repos.)

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I suddenly realized when looking at this infographic my brain has been missreading July 9th as June 9th everytime I look at that damn image till now.

Adjusting clocks accordingly…


Replying so it doesn’t autobump for a bit. :slight_smile:

I had some needs for some newer libraries than what Mageia 6 shipped with so I upgraded to the release candidate of Mageia 7. Mageia 7 isn’t shipping LTS but the normal edition of Firefox.

Long Story Short: This problem is resolved for me by newer versions of Firefox and will certanily be fixed in the next LTS release.

Side Story: I should at some point figure out Mageia’s release strategy with Firefox. Did they change their release strategy between OS releases? Or maybe they had switched to LTS Firefox with their stable branch after being forced to for some sort of dependency problem. Debian was/is in a similar problem over Firefox Quantum. (Rust is a hell of a dependency to pull in mid life of a stable distro.)