Why people are mad about a list of Trump donors online

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Just linking to that story as one that wasn’t hyper-right-wing. At any rate, I think that is a bullshit move. It serves no purpose, as far as I can tell. If there was a win here, I’d consider it. But all it accomplished was making everyone feel less safe.

On a smaller note, I’m irritated as well by how all public information isn’t being thrown in the public’s face. We don’t want the existence of those lists and public info being hidden from public knowledge. We just don’t need gang leaders playing our their dramas online.

I’m not sure I get your objection…most political donations (edit: direct political donations) are public information? and there are very good reasons for that.

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I suppose I could go macro and say I resent hearing about politicians name-dropping people in gun-murdery America.

It wasn’t strategic, it was dipping a toe in the swamp. It’s a signal that political discourse moves fast and breaks things.

The message is framed as, “look, these local business owners fund immigrant hate actions!” and that is hyperbole. I don’t know those people, and I can’t. All I see is a Congress member, someone whose constituents are compelled to pay attention to as their advocate, is starting shit with wealthy business owners.

But like, for what? Better wages? Equal pay? Better family support? Increased tax rates for biz? Did Bill Miller cater Phyllis Browning’s open house for a new detention center?

Strategic: work with a group tracking donations and voting with one’s wallet against hateful immigrant policies and actions. Or point out that is public information and folks should find out for themselves.

Reality: we are do name-droppin’ now! Whee!