Woman President Book site update

I wanted to title this post, “What Will It Take to Make a Woman President?”, but that is the title of the book by Marianne Schnall, and I am just writing about the book’s website, and it seems odd to use it…


Anyhow, that is one of the sites I host for Seal Press. With the election it has been getting more press as we approach potentially the first woman president ( ← no idea how to capitalize that). Recently the book was recommended by Beyoncé, so we decided to move it to better hardware to keep up with interest.

When I looked at the theme it was using, while responsive, it hadn’t been touched in about three years and it didn’t land as well as I liked. So I created a new base child theme, and updated the markup to act a lot better on a variety of devices.

Additionally, it also incorporates a lot of infrastructure changes I’ve made since we launched it three years ago, including secure connections and static assets going over a CDN. Overall, the small refresh should match the progressive message of the book, and I hope those interested check out both. :slight_smile: