Writing a bible

I woke up this morning with a great idea: I am going to write a bible!

Obviously I am not creating a new cult (those days are behind me). Instead I was thinking of those big binders or databases they use for novels, movies or tv series.

Besides tossing and turning all night trying to work out a simple header design for a site I am working on, I was apparently also gathering the points of the 150,000 year fictional timeline I have floating in my head (and three private wikis; and eight full Moleskins; and dozens of text files in backups with backups within backups).

It isn’t enough to just have a bunch or interlinked articles detailing persons, locations and events. I need all the references that inspired me:

  • Links to Wikipedia articles
  • Snippets of dreams
  • Interesting wordplay
  • Long, long lists of anime
  • Photos I took and created a story around
  • Autobiographical elements
  • So much more

I blame Tolkien, Asimov and Hickman/Weiss. Lord of the Rings and the Foundation series told me I could obsess on something epic. The Annotated Chronicles told me I totally want to keep all that info handy!

I am not writing as much everyday, but behind the scenes I am trying to organize this stuff so I can open it up to others. If I could get folks to tell me the stories happening in our shared world, then that is almost as satisfying as writing it myself.

Almost. :slight_smile:

I had no idea it would take this long… getting closer. :slight_smile: