Y10K Problem

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Sometimes I love other computer-y people.

As we approach the end of the millennium, much attention has been
paid to the so-called “Y2K” problem. Nearly everyone now regrets the
short-sightedness of the programmers of yore who wrote programs
designed to fail in the year 2000. Unfortunately, the current fixes
for Y2K lead inevitably to a crisis in the year 10,000 when the
programs are again designed to fail.


Mandatory link to my favorite chronological list of Y2K esque bugs and other possible notable date based glitches. JRS - Critical and Significant Dates - J R Stockton

  • AIUI , the first version of Windows 95 ( cf. ibid. 13,14/19) sets the clock back whenever it thinks that the clock has reached 2 a.m. on the day in question, not just on the first occasion.

hahahahahahah these are all gems


It’s a REALLY great collection, I have a hard time articulating to a lot of people who dont get it why these are so hilarious.