Yatzy as resource generator

Clover and I were playing Yahtzee, and it occurred to me a digital version isn’t as fun without a whole bunch of animation and sound, because part of the appeal of playing is rolling dice and speculating with/against others. A chat bot rolling dice and keeping numbers is not as fun (though I did consider how to play with discobot!).

And then I thought: hey, if it is too fast, but is still complex enough to be a game… we could throw dice to generate mana!

And by mana I mean any currency/resource in a game.

Each round everyone gets their roll, and places it in a category box. That resource will somehow convert.

Now it get really trippy when players get to manipulate the amount/sides of dice, because different categories become easier, some harder!

Yatzy because it has more categories and we really should avoid trademarked games, as they are cursed for like a hundred years or something.