yuzu gets an upgrade

A spell ago I wrote orenji gets an upgrade, where I logged a major upgrade in my equipment. Well, it’s time to once again upgrade, and my work familiar is now designated yuzu. :slight_smile:

I’m jazzed, because I’m going for a Librem 14.

I still need to look up a few details about the options, tracking that here. :grimacing:

I tried to order the new laptop, but my bank is blocking the purchase. It’s kinda weird, I order things online so infrequently, they all get marked and I have to call them.

I chose the Librem 14 with 32GB RAM (2x16) and the 512GB NVE Pro harddrive. Both of those double my current configuration (except the drive reads/writes 3x as fast!). I considered getting 64GB of RAM and 1TB drive, but I don’t think I will use it. In fact, I specifically don’t what that much hard drive space in a portable computer. And I will use the current RAM sticks if I upgrade. Considering most of my current work remains text files and web browsers, I should be fine. :slight_smile:

Well, will order it tomorrow…

Just ordered.


Now… the wait.