Falling Block Game

I’ve been working on one in love2d. Not all of the gameplay elements are anywhere near done. The general idea though is to generate increases in difficulty not by speed, but through increasing the number of colors one is matching.

Tentatively titled “Cooleur” a portmanteau of “Cool” and “Couleur”.


That’s so cool!

So, when a horizontal row is the same color it disappears?

The blocks breaking apart and sliding down while another block enters the field is really neat looking; I bet with some groovy relaxing (Osmosis-eqsue) music this would be a great way to calm down. :slight_smile:

The idea is any chain of vertical or horizontally connected blocks of the same color connect they vanish. Puyo puyo style. Im toying with the idea of increasing the length of the chain along with the number of colors over time; but wanna see how it feels in play.

That sort of the idea. Though when I get to the audio end of things I just going to go on an expedition on opengameart and jamendo and see what I can find that matches well.

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Great! I’ll start a “relaxing assets topic”, I come across these all the time. :slight_smile:

How long is a chain? I’ve played so many of these, I don’t recall Puyo Puyo exactly…

For this game? Undecided, for Puyo Puyo it’s four or more.

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I imagine that if that were configurable, it would make “game modes” a set of options. Because isn’t Dr. Mario just chains of two? It’s a neat idea. :slight_smile:

Clover says those colors are pretty, and it seems very relaxing. :+1:

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  • Stopped player pieces from being able to rotate out of bounds.
  • Stopped player pieces from being able to rotate into other pieces.
  • Killed the “bounce” you can see in the video of the purple-mauve block, when it is “hard dropped”.
    • I liked this, but it didn’t happen consistently. Only when the blocks were in the “north” configuration. Easiest to prevent it from happening at all.
  • Tweaked horizontal momentum, and adjusted some ideas about it I had previously to kill some bugs, which allowed blocks to be in illegal positions.
  • Improved collision detection.

Remaining bugs in basic physics:

  • Vertical falling blocks with horizontal momentum are allowing the middle piece to fall through the bottom piece. Easy fix though.
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