All for a crop

I migrated from Ubuntu to Fedora in September: Migrating from Ubuntu 16.04 to Fedora 28

Making note, because only today do I need to install Gimp to crop an image. That’s how infrequently I use some software.

Ahahaha, I didn’t need that at all. Turns out, Shotwell can crop. But you know, what? Gajim always reduces avatar quality so much… so I just used the same image as it was on my phone, and cropped it in Conversations and now my avatar is relatively crisp, and I still don’t need to manipulate images. :slight_smile:

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Maybe you need a quest board item to learn ImageMagick so that when you do, you can still be rocking the commandline?

I actually know a lot, but maybe you can fill in: I needed to make a square crop around my face. That’s a visual process, ne? I thought about it: I would be kinda weirded out if there were a CLI solution to cropping my face…

Not REALLY. Not without knowing in advance how much you wanna shave off anyway.

Could guess and check and preview with libcaca or an app that uses it, for a complete terminal experience but I wouldn’t recommend it. GitHub - cacalabs/libcaca