Be a better imposter

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Leap frog reality by setting the bar of imposters beyond your imagination, for your wards.

You don’t have to run a mile in under a second, you just need the kids to know it is possible.

Warning: possible self-fulfilling vortices may appear in your adult life, causing you to walk miles in seconds.

I’ve run into this a lot lately: confronting what needs to be said and done to help Clover, I realize I have very little to draw on beyond common sense. I don’t have a relationship with my parents. And I’ve been spending my adult life trying to escape their psychic shadow in my mind.

So when I think, “what needs to be established for a child to thrive?”, I consider the upper level of my comprehension to be the ceiling.

Mitigation: surround myself and C by lots of others, teach critical discretion, activate human curiosity.

Also, imagine myself beyond myself. Do the mental time travel, come back to now, make the changes for the brightest timeline.