Blogs you follow/recommend - preferably with RSS feeds too!

Hi all!

Do y’all have any blogs you follow and/or recommend that are tech/science/DIY/FOSS etc orientated? Preferably ones with an RSS feed so that I can use my terminal RSS reader to read the articles!

You got a specific corner or area of FOSS in mind?

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Everything here has RSS feeds available. In general I don’t recommend things which don’t have RSS feeds.

In terms of just general FLOSS blogs.

  • LWN has RSS feeds, and it’s probably got the highest quality linux journalism around. Though select articles are subscriber only for a few days. Which is how they generate revenue. It’s not expensive and they have several reduced tiers of support.
  • Phronix is in the same vein but with a heavy performance / gaming bent. I waffle on them sometimes, but probably the best game in town if you can’t afford LWN.
  • Mozilla Blog is pretty decent and covers the politics of the open web in general.
  • EFF’s RSS feed is highly recommended.
  • Software Freedom Conservancy - Covers legal matters in FLOSS and GPL enforcement. Updates in frequently, but mostly when their is news to cover.
  • I highly recommend checkout your distribution of choice’s planet feed. If it has one. Failing that maybe your desktop of choice’s planet feed. Which kind of gives you a collated blog of all the core developers working on your apps. Planet Gnome, Planet KDE, Planet Debian, etc, etc.

In terms of tech in general.

  • Liliputting is far from perfect but is probably the best blog ive found to keep up with general interesting consumer hardware releases, without obvious megacorp fanboy gushing. Ive dropped a lot of other blogs of the years for just giving an unnecessarily disproportionate amount of coverage to megacorp keynotes/press events. They do a good job of tracking a lot of niche harware releases too.
  • Ars Technica is a major offender in terms of terrible signal-to-noise ratio around any megacorp keynote; and suffers a bit from cult of personality around Elon Musk. But those things asside probably covers the intersection of the political sphere into tech and science better than most. Well enough I keep it around.
  • Obscure Handhelds - - obdates infrequently, as news about obscure handhelds is infrequent. But tracks every damn open hardware handheld more deftly than I can.

Honorable Mentions

  • Github release pages have RSS feeds. I use this to track releases of some projects.
  • rss-bridge will create rss feeds for many things which ought to have them.

Thanks, this is the kinda stuff I was looking for!

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Curated, deep discussion, very little noise:

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