car and cdr scratches - scheme grokking log

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Continuing the discussion from Pass the ham radio license test:

me too! are you interested in throwing snippets of scheme that tickle you here in this thread?

i’m working through the advanced schemer verrrryyyyyy slooowwwwwwllyyyyyy but posting snippets here motivates me muchly.

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Sure. Im supposed to resume writing a config file parser next week. Ill throw some of it up here. (setting a reminder)

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What scheme are you learning on out of curiosity?

I haven’t forgotten about this, just been a busy week.

EDIT: I made some time.

I took advantage of some time this morning to dig into the Allegro bindings for Chicken Scheme. As I’d like to eventually make some game like things, and playing around with Allegro held my interest more this morning than what I ought to be working on. I didn’t do anything particular too lispy or schemey per se. Just getting my head around the bindings, and the Allegro API in a scheme interpeter.

A lot of library binding documentation in my experience assumes some familiarity with the library in it’s native language and Im not familiar Allegro in the slightest. Which means their is a lot of flipping back and forth between Allegro tutorials, the Chicken Scheme docs and the official Allegro docs, on wha all this does.

I really haven’t touched anything comparable since SDL 1.x but its fun remembering to do thinks like having to flip screen buffers and whatnot. Work and life are going to keep me a little busy durring the work week this week.

I need to carve out some time do an actual graphical demo of something. Or get back to the half finished cgi script.

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