A free and open-source XMPP chat client in your browser

This thing is kinda full-featured, pretty exciting! Check it out:


  • Available as overlayed chat boxes or as a full-page app. See here for the fullscreen version.
  • A plugin architecture based on pluggable.js
  • Chat statuses (online, busy, away, offline)
  • Desktop notifications
  • Multi-user chatrooms (XEP 45)
  • Chatroom bookmarks (XEP 48)
  • Direct invitations to chat rooms (XEP 249)
  • vCard support (XEP 54)
  • Service discovery (XEP 30)
  • In-band registration (XEP 77)
  • Roster item exchange (XEP 144)
  • Custom status messages
  • Typing and chat state notifications (XEP 85)
  • File sharing / HTTP File Upload (XEP 363)
  • Messages appear in all connected chat clients / Message Carbons (XEP 280)
  • Third person “/me” messages (XEP 245)
  • Server-side archiving of messages (XEP 313)
  • Hidden messages (aka Spoilers) (XEP 382)
  • Client state indication (XEP 352)
  • Last Message Correction (XEP 308)
  • OMEMO encrypted messaging (XEP 384)
  • Anonymous logins, see the anonymous login demo
  • Message Retractions (XEP 424)
  • Message Moderation (XEP 425)
  • Translated into over 30 languages

So… I’ve turned to other chat options, such as and others, but this seems to get all the features I like, and I was wondering if this would be a good fit for I mean, that domain isn’t resolving on the web, and according to mod_conversejs - Prosody Community Modules I can turn it on with one line in the config (but I’d probably want to tweak it still!).

Interesting, ne?

Mozilla switched over to Riot/matrix recently, but with the abject failure of video chat to be satisfying in any meangingful way during “social distancing”, I’m really liking jabber and mumble. Ahem, mumble.

So, mages: should be make this thing be on the web, and maybe open it up a bit? Invite friends, show them what can be, and point them to a website for it? :sunglasses:

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