Cultural reference guide

I bet someone has developed this idea already, so let me know what it is similar to, please. :slight_smile:

The idea is to identify universal themes that translate across languages, and then identify how those themes interact, to prescribe a way to discuss them.

A practical application, such as starting a new multicultural project:

  1. Each person weighs universal themes, and prioritizes them
  2. When interacting with others, compare individual themes and produce a guide to keep in mind

In forums, for instance, one might have a sidebar component enumerate things to keep in mind while speaking to the people in the conversation. It would allow us to signal:

  • Privilege is uneven in the group
  • The environments that are influencing the discussion
  • Ideological differences and potential ways to overcome or sidestep them

I would use such a system:

  • On discussion forums
  • At the UN and other extracultural orgs
  • As a tool to encourage the breaking down of polarized political beliefs
  • Explore cultural and belief frameworks, to find the cruz of meaning