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I played through Chapter 1 the other night. Figure I might as well formally quest it.

Awesome! Hadn’t said it elsewhere: I expect a lot of crosslinking between media quests and #mediaclub. And similar to how we use threads for logging pens or thoughts, I figure we’d have one or more threads for any given artifact.

I started Shining Force recently, so I’ll return to it and start posting, and folks can jump in as they want! My main point is: quest threads can be as quest-meta as needed, and we can easily link elsewhere for deeper conversations. For instance, with games I might have a “let’s play” where I just log impressions. But I’m gonna make a lot of gamefaq info as well (like making a readable color-affinity chart for Skies of Arcadia…), and I imagine a lot of crosslinking going on.

Also also, after two battles, I wanted to play Battle for Wesnoth, in part because I’m not sure I can follow the pace of combat animations. It is soooo pretty, and slow. A lot of these classic games are slow for me…

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My Nomad techniqually supports RCA style AV out. Ive been wondering if it might be cool to get one of those really cheap standard def AV->USB capture things, so I could take screenshot or video while I played. Havent been sure where id post that stuff though.

The hardware can be found online for like $10. Just gotta bother to do the research on if I want to do it, and if their are any difficulties running them on GNU/Linux.

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I say go for it! talkgroup stores on a CDN/object storage for this very scenario! :slight_smile:

I recently found I could use the Discourse data explorer plugin to query uploads info (such as size). Currently it costs cents a month to host, but as costs rise we can run reports and move media into other places, that kinda thing.

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Semi relevant, from my Mastodon feed the other day.