Eva is on Netflix

It will be higher visual quality than any of the torrents, ~but it’s only dubbed~ nope! it’s not only dubbed! there’s a new english dub, but itms available in a whole lot of languages, including the original japanese.

There’s a lot to say that’s critical about the series, but I also appreciate it for a lot of reasons having to deal with coping with depression, running away, and hating your parents. My relationship to this series is dialectical because I both approve and do not approve. haaaaaa

I listened to an episode of a Vice podcast from a few months ago about the first two episodes and it was a fun romp, though I’m annoyed at how flexible they are when performing gymnastics with their not-critical-enough critiques of the male gaze/fan service/porn shots all over the series. Everything is complicated.

I’ll be watching the series because I do love it and the feelings it brings up are difficult but I want to masochism myself or something, and my enjoyment::annoyance ratio of the podcast was sufficient to want to hear more when they come out in the next few weeks.

Ringing endorsement, I know. P R O B L E M A T I C S

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Sorry not sorry is dialectical because

/me is whisked away by a long hooked cane

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I think it’s funny you say that; because ive kind of been bouncing between various opinions on that series since I watched it in high school. People who quiz me on the show in the past few years have usually been told that im kind of waiting on the Evangelion rebuild movies to finish for my final opinion.

In terms of both philosophy of existence / psychology / identity and in terms of sheer entertainment its remarkably clever.

Weird and sometimes freaklishly traumatic fanservicey objectification elements aside, I think ive kind of become convinced its kabalah metaphor meets scifi world building bits are a hot mess. Though still damn fun.

The show was pretty formative for me too, in terms of me being at the right age right time and being introduced to anime as the show was getting big. Being an introvert with an emotionally caustic father.

Actually when I think about this comment too long it gets pretty meta. The series itself can get kinda dialectical within itself at times.

Ive observed some discussion about recently about the Netflix localization of Evangelion but it is spoilery.

Apparently some of the lines Kaworu tells Shinji in this new Netflix localization have reframed his feelings for him as platonic in lieu of romantic love. Dunno enough about the original intent of the lines, versus how contextual the original Japanese was in terms of how big of a sin this is. I just know a few LGBTQ Evangelion fans kinda pissed about it.

A Cruel Angel’s Dialectical Analysis


A difficult friend of mine who has mostly descended into contrail-style conspiracy theories has been trying to get me to watch this series for more than a decade. I cannot bring myself to watch it dubbed!

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just kidding, it is available in the original japanese! i was wrong. i had misunderstood some comments i saw about the new english dub.

the netflix broadcast lost all the covers of fly me to the moon, so here are all 26:

i just watched the first three episodes.

I am extremely nostalgic for and a little heart broken they lost those. Will have to source the ADV 2000s localization at somepoint. Ive actually got a chinese dvd box set somewhere…

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Positrons are flowing in!

It is damn fun. And a hot mess.

Everything about Shinji is heartbreaking. I think it is why I watch.

I’ve watched another six now, which means I’m paused on the beginning of episode ten.

Asuka is also heartbreaking. This second watch-through is really tearing into me. I know what’s coming for these kids. It’s also gone off the deep end by now and I know it and I also don’t care. Of course they’re gonna play out their teenage angst with a coordinated dance dance revolution game dance. Of course they are synced up and don’t even know it. Of course they’re both children.

In this rewatch, I’m marginally less confused about what’s going on, so I have time to ponder the cinematic takes, like Shinji standing across the border of the elevator door from his father, and turning away, and later standing across the threshold of Misato’s apartment, and the way Misato says “welcome back” as a joke or a funny “be at ease” jab the first time, and so heartfelt the second time when she sees that he hasn’t left on the train.

This series is touching in a way so little else that is also “cool” can possibly be. It’s so raw. And I love that it’s completely unapologetic.