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Can we test encrypted communications via Tutanota email? I’d like to check how easy it is to do the following:

Using the browser interface, I can send and receive:

  • to another tutanota address, encrypted
  • to a non-tutanota address, without encryption
  • to a non-tutanota address, with encryption… what does this look like, how do you do it? Do I import somoene’s public key? … What does it look like for someone else to send me encrypted mail?

Can I tap @trashHeap to do this with me? =)

Sure DM me your relevant email addresses ?

Alright, I sent a few examples in a few combinations to some of those email addresses.

And feel free to do the same to me, as you have my email addresses now.

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Reporting back!

This just looks “normal” with a line in the web user interface that says these messages are end-to-end encrypted.

This just looks “normal” too.

From the non-tutanota receiver side: I got an email with a link. Here’s the default text, which appears to be “white-label”-able in Tutanota settings…


You have just received a confidential email via Tutanota ( Tutanota encrypts emails automatically end-to-end, including all attachments. You can reach your encrypted mailbox and also reply with an encrypted email with the following link:

[Show encrypted email](link here)

Or paste this link into your browser:
link here

This email was automatically generated for sending the link. The link stays valid until you receive a new confidential email from me.

Kind regards,
(sender’s name)

Clicking on the link brings me to a webpage that asks for a password. On mobile web, after I entered the password and tapped next, I got a page that was loading forever sadly, so it didn’t work. On my lappy in my browser (Brave), it did take a while to load but it eventually loaded a “mini” or “lite” version of the tutanota web interface, not just a page with the message. It was complete with “inbox,” “drafts,” “sent,” and “trash” folders. I could not write a new mail–I could only reply to the existing mail. I could not edit the “to” field, but I could edit the subject field.

I wonder what the message looks like on the Tutanota user’s side? Does it look like any other email in their inbox? Answer: yes.

When the Tutanota user sends a reply, it generates a new identical email to the recipient’s non-Tuta email address, with a new link (as it said it would). The old link did become invalid!

I left the web interface open, and when trashHeap sent me a new mail as part of the same thread, I actually got the new email without having to click on the link and enter our agreed-upon password again. That’s pretty cool.

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