Fallacies of distributed computing

The fallacies are[1]

  1. The network is reliable;
  2. Latency is zero;
  3. Bandwidth is infinite;
  4. The network is secure;
  5. Topology doesn’t change;
  6. There is one administrator;
  7. Transport cost is zero;
  8. The network is homogeneous.
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1994!!! nineteen ninety-four! anyway this list is great and relevant. see: current garmin devices being unusable due to ransomware for 6 days and counting

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It just shows that a profit motive is not the best criteria to build tech. We’ve had this wisdom, been unable to escape it’s concepts in 35 years.

I would say I learned that list per se, but when I learned webcraft in the 90s we referred to the OSI model constantly, which is why I fought in the browser wars: we didn’t want a monolithic system controlled by few players.

But unless we use the lessons learned for DIY computing, we’re just gonna get what “they” give us. I stumbled on this fallacies list a few times recent, in looking up tech that is sustainable and slow. :slight_smile:

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