Friends of Friends of Libraries

Have you ever been to a Friends of a Library’s website?


So recently I’ve gotten into some optimizations for WordPress that make it so I can scale up hosting in a way that just seems silly to me. And that means time to my big idea…!

Create a free hosting platform for Friends of Libraries websites, giving them all the tools they need to succeed, with the opinion that they should use free software and near to zero third-party involvement (because fund-raising and stuff)!

I want to package this really well, so more research is needed, but I see so many mistakes happening on these sites, and they are such low-hanging fruit. I don’t want to pluck one or two, I want to shake the tree!

Hosting would be so negligible, I could just post transparency reports quarterly or something to cover it. Or not, and then it becomes bigger than me as everyone both realizes they need to protect their local library systems and if there is a way to do it without compromising their dignity, well we might as all go to those sites, haven’t we?