GOG Connect Notification and Trade Thread

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GOG Connect is a thing that connects to one’s Steam account, and when the planets align or some such nonsense, for 2 hours in the middle of your work day, that game becomes available to your GOG library, you know, the dope DRM-free one? Read more at https://www.gog.com/connect.

Okay, there is a little exaggeration there, but not much. They are only available for tiny amounts of time, they are based on publisher deals or something, and they are not announced, per se.

I often see games I already have, but also have extra copies of. And sometimes I see a game I wish I had, but am not gonna buy it on Steam.

And so! This thread is for folks to both post which games are up, and if they have keys to share. I’m gonna say whoever answers me first gets the keys I have. And in this way we can take advantage of this strange thing to play with the copyrighted toys. :slight_smile:


I’ve not done this previously because I knew the catalog of cross over games was thin and I didn’t have any which qualified. I didn’t realize their were limited time transfer opportunities; so I just signed up.

No qualifying games at the moment.


I’ve got a round 50 on Gog, and I think over half are from Connect (a bunch of the remaining titles are D&D Gold Box adventures, which came in big bundles).