Infant Cognition and Language Lab

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We received a postcard from the Infant Cognition and Language Lab. I’ll have to ask them how they got our contact info.

Anyhow, it is for science! I just signed up to take Clover in. I imagine they can’t do anything more than what I do, and all my medical equipment is second hand, so it is probably a lot more pleasant!

On a serious note, I am happy to help the research, and Cal is right up the street from me, so it is pretty easy. Of the current research studies, Emma will only be able to participate in one at the moment (rather, in a couple if months):

Lollipop Studies (Age Range: 7 months - 9 months; 10 months - 12 months) These studies investigate probablistic reasoning in infants. It is a fun, interactive task where infants are shown two lollipops and then allowed to reach or crawl for the one he or she prefers. The infant is then shown two large jars, one containing more of the preferred toy lollipops and the other containing more of the non-preferred toy lollipops. A lollipop is drawn from each jar and placed in a cup, unbeknownst to the child what was drawn. Will infants go to the cup that more probabilistically contains their preferred toy lollipop?

After reading that, I really want to go, because I want them to explain to me why my babby would even want a lollipop compared to say, a brightly colored blob of material. I can’t imagine they expect the child to eat the candy…

Anyhow, I am excited. This is the first of many research projects I will submit volunteer my specimen child to, for profit science! :slight_smile: