MDN Web Docs Store

I didn’t know they had a store just for MDN… I may need to support them in this way. MDN is a crazy valuable resource.

Fuck the MDN.

They locked it behind a GitHub login, which is owned by Microsoft now, and then laid off the folks supporting it.

I’m sure this isn’t as bad as I’m making it, but seriously, it is poor systems design to attribute great value to a clumsily put together resource.

Some datahoarders are gathering to preserve it. We should build a better system to replace it. :slight_smile:

They are my goto for any HTML, CSS, or JS property/element question. That has great value to me.

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We agree, me thinks.

What I’m saying is: something that valuable shouldn’t be managed as it is.

It is very valuable, and a cabal of megacorps control it. That’s dangerous. We need to change that.

Fuck the MDN. :slight_smile:

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Fo sho!