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This is actually on my to-do list, so here is a short post about no longer contributing to Twitter.

First of all, participation in communities based on a social tool equates to creating culture, as well as the only real value they have. That is a difficult way of saying that “social networks” depend on people to use them. I believe those same people deserve open access to the culture they create.

Twitter is a closed platform, and I can’t in good conscience support it. Of all possible internets, I want the one that is most open.

So I am “leaving”. If I ever get around to it I will archive my posts. For the time being I am just going to let them remain there, and hopefully folks will find this post and understand my decision. Open micro-blogging is our destination. :slight_smile:

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mk asks:


Since you’re no longer using your @maiki twitter account, do you mind changing your twitter username to free that one up so that someone else can have it? It is my name as well and since you’re not using it, I’d very much like to be able to. Much obliged.

Sorry, I actually plan on keeping it. While I don’t expect to actively use it, I will likely soon have it syndicating from another account, like a personal StatusNet instance. Also, that namespace has conversations tied to it. If I were to delete it, it would remove context in some older discussions, and I want that content to stay intact.

If I ever decide to delete it, I will e-mail you, though. :slight_smile:

Some time later I couldn’t justify namespace squatting on a closed platform, and I emailed “mk” I had released my account, and I believe they grabbed it and promptly made it private.