Morning playlist

Continuing the discussion from Rebuilding Susan's music library:

@susan has a morning playlist. Susan, why do you have that playlist?

While you are filling us in, I’m making a recurring task to recreate it. :slight_smile:

It was collection of restful music I made when Emma was little. It is has such a great mix of tunes that are not generally for kids. She liked it even though she hates naps and the entire premise of scheduled relaxing. I realized I missed listening to it so it became our gentle morning playlist for breakfast and coffee. She is doing math now after breakfast and the playlist ends as she goes off to play.

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@susan, when you make a playlist is it made to be listened to sequentially? I use playlists as "buckets’, but it seems like you set “scheduled moods”. Would they still work for you if played at random? :slight_smile:

I do rearrange the order if it doesn’t feel right. I think when we expect a certain song to play next it can be comforting but I like the ability to randomize songs when it’s gets boring too.

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Okay, when you start the list in order, what’s the song that begins the list?

Spanish Guitar, Track 03

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Okay, that’s being handled (the ID of) over at Figure out the Spanish Guitar album. And we have the MP3 for it.

Next track? :slight_smile:

Second track is another from spanish guitar collection. Third is Melancholy of Chiyo-Chan.

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@susan, we’ve got Azumanga Daioh OST 1 processing at Azumanga Daioh Original Soundtrack Vol. 1. What is another album that composed the playlist? :slight_smile: