One more (robot) day

New comic is up.

Turns out that 66% of folks are pro-kitten:

If that isn’t good enough news, the emergent opinion on StumbleUpon is that we are sexist:

I find this all incredibly fascinating. It is like a game that I am a part of, and despite folks reading into stories (or not, they might be on to something), it is pretty fun.

In other news, I am canceling new projects for this year. Essentially I am in a kind of project debt. I am going to pay it off before incurring more. I have neglected a very important site, and work, despite how much I hack up elegant solutions that cut me out of the processes, takes up more than the time supposedly allotted to me. In other words, I am on salary and am working too many hours each week.

My way of dealing with this, which I could describe as a severe addiction, is copious amounts of Daft Punk and a wiki todo list from hell. Time to write down all those great ideas and hope for the best. :slight_smile:

That sounds like a good idea. I would think it’s better to knock out a couple projects vs. having a whole bunch started but not finished. Though, that is what Da Vinci did, start a ton of stuff and not finish most of it. So, in a sense, you were in some awesome company.

Wow. How did e deal with that? Maybe it is the times, or something. Being able to finish something, a sense of accomplishment, I need some encouragement.

Besides, it is only this year. Come 2009 it is on! :slight_smile: