Q: The Q, a game

Hey, you know all those quests in #quest-board? Yeah, ever wonder what those are for, or why I edit so many video game quests all the time? Well, yer about to find out Phase 1!

Introducing: Q: The Q!

It is currently the first version, but should assist ya’ll in getting serious about questing.

I used this as a way to wrap my head around a few hugo features, which you can check out at:

I intend to document it more fully, but what I wanted to do was separate deployment and development, and I got it figured out. :slight_smile:

In Q: The Q; Phase 2, we’ll launch our first expansions!

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Writing interi/qtq: Content directory for Q: The Q. - at master - qtq -

title: Jabbering on and on and on
- jabber
- xmpp
- xeps

Jabber is easier to say than XMPP, even over XMPP.

Produces… Jabbering on and on and on.

Now we can really have fun. :sunglasses:

The Quest Qommittee realized 17 was too much, while the traditional 3 is just puny with today’s questheads and their mobile crystal ball data plans…

One particularly harumph-y type realized the voting angle and decided to direct folks to more discerning domains of questitude (:sunglasses:).

Rather than rely just on the tag list, it became apparent I ought to tie the initial quest domains to talkgroups… so that’s the plan moving forward. :slight_smile: