Rajio taiso

We’ve started doing rajio taiso, Radio calisthenics - Wikipedia.

I’m trying to incorporate it into my morning routine. I’ve gotten a a few videos online, but I’m hoping to learn enough of the excercises to memorize them and take Clover down to Lakeside park.

I presume there are exercise groups meeting at he lake, I just don’t want to get up particularly early… :slight_smile:

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This is interesting to me, what are you using for the sources of your audio/video ?

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So far just picking a random video and seeing how it compares. I’m excercising with a 7 year-old, so they can’t be overly mundane. :slight_smile:

Today we used: youtube-dl (3.5 min)

Let’s compare vid/resources, until we make our own!

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This is interesting to me as well, going to check out the video.