Sharing files with other users on same host

I’ve got an idea to create static archives of images and other files to share with @susan and Clover on our family computer. It’s Fedora 32 currently, so I’m looking at places I might stash files, and then how I’d want to get them there.

For instance, I would create a repo to install photos to /usr/share, so everyone could access them, and even use the repo on their own personal computers. In this way, we can share our family photos and update with the package manager!

What I’m wondering is:

  • Best place in filesystem to put static files?
  • Best package manager situation?
  • Pitfalls?
  • How to point

I’m also considering doing the same for music, so we have a big ol’ repo of family tunes. It would be great to have a private flatpak server to install albums from the commandline…