"single responsive page" services around the web

I am seeing a trend of very beautiful, very simple, responsive, mobile web-first services that provide a way for you to have several links on a page. This is because instagram only lets you have one link, and it’s on your bio.

No, it’s not a new idea. But I’m seeing lots of new (to me) services doing it. I wanted to track them here as a snapshot of our vc-hype web bubble.

Simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything.

requires login, obviously
How I found out about it: from

Sidenote… I am obviously obsessed with archival and always have been, but have only been able to vocalize that thought recently, like in the last two weeks lol. So I think it’s fun to archive when I learn about the proliferation of a certain kind of service and how they’re trying to make money, as well as how I learned about these services, especially when I learn about them organically (as in, traveling/learning around the web, not when I was explicitly researching services like this as part of a project or something. Though that would be interesting too. “I found this because I needed X”)

This fills me with such a rage that I can barely contain it!!

mostly kidding, but a little not. $6/month for a freaking static single page with links?!

If there was an internet Jesus he’d be doing this right about now.


be the internet jesus you want to see flipping tables in the world

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Now i want to build a free service that generates you a single index.html that has all of this single page of info for a person.

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