Stable release 0.9.12 (Endless Sky release)

A new release is now available on GitHub, unstable version 0.9.12. This version contains a huge amount of new content and game engine updates. Downloads are available for Mac OS X, 64-bit Windows, and 32-bit Windows. Ubuntu Linux packages are available in a PPA. For more details, see the changelog.

This marks more than a year since @tehhowch, @Amazinite, and @Pointedstick took over the lead developer roles, and this is the fourth release since then. I’m very thankful for the work they’ve put in; I hope to come back to Endless Sky at some point (to wrap up the Wanderers story line and maybe add new stories as well), but I’m glad to be able to take a break, work on creative writing and other random projects, and not feel duty-bound to spend all my weekends keeping up with issues and PRs!

And the changelog (as a code block so those usernames aren’t mentioned :roll_eyes:) :

Version 0.9.12:
  * Bug fixes:
    * Typo fixes. (@Amazinite, @Anarchist2, @Arachi-Lover, @MCOfficer, Mr. Doom, @Naminson, @NomadicVolcano, @petervdmeer, @oo13, @Proont, @tehhowch, @TheMarksman-ES, @waterhouse, @Zitchas)
    * The Penguin now requires a Remnant license to purchase. (@Zitchas)
    * Out-of-system ships can no longer be selected in the outfitter and shipyard. (@tehhowch)
    * Pressing D to depart will no longer also immediately deploy fighters on launch. (@petervdmeer)
    * Fixed various instances of missing or unnecessary minor tags on missions. (@Amazinite, @Anarchist2)
    * Governments now have the same attitude toward the " Hai " government as they do the "Hai" government. (@NomadicVolcano)
    * No longer able to ask the Remnant about the Ka'het before having passed the blood test. (@beccabunny)
    * Max depreciation age now accounts for the 7-day grace period. (@Amazinite)
    * The Wanderer outfit license is now granted when you return to Wanderer space instead of while in Hai space. (@Amazinite)
    * The number of drone and fighter bays is now properly displayed in the ship info when in flight. (@tehhowch)
    * The pop-up dialog when launching with ships that can not leave the system will now always refer to the correct number of ships. (@tehhowch)
    * Fixed various cases where the map would improperly display whether a mission's objectives were satisfied. (@tehhowch)
    * Afterburner and other visual effects are no longer drawn "shifted" by their velocity. (@tehhowch)
    * Fixed a possible crash on startup caused by unsupported VSync settings. (@tehhowch)
    * Restored the visual alert for fatal errors that occur during startup. (@tehhowch)
  * Game content:
    * New content:
      * New variant of the mystery deliver jobs that has unique dialog for station destinations. (@Anarchist2)
      * Remnant ships now have unique leak effects. (@Zitchas)
      * New missions in Hai space where the player helps a Hai captain who has just bought her first ship. (@Arachi-Lover, @Janaszar)
      * Added a new person ship. (@Zitchas, @beccabunny)
      * Added a new, extremely rare and valuable minable asteroid. (@Arachi-Lover, @beccabunny)
      * There are now more large passenger jobs in human space to balance out with the abundance of large cargo jobs. (@MasterOfGrey)
      * Added new Remnant outfits, an afterburner and a turret, to be used in future missions. (@Zitchas, @beccabunny)
      * Added a new Heliarch turret, the Ion Hail Turret. (@Arachi-Lover, @beccabunny)
      * More Ka'het ship names and hails. (@beccabunny)
      * Added a new star/planet type, the brown dwarf. (@ravenshining)
      * Added spaceport news stories for Hai space. (@NomadicVolcano)
    * Balance:
      * Slightly increased the hull and ion damage of the Ion Rain Gun. (@Arachi-Lover)
      * Reduced the outfit space requirement of solar panels to make them more attractive to use. (@Zitchas, @Amazinite)
      * Reduced the number of gun ports on the Kestrel (More Weapons) from 18 to 12. (@Naminson)
    * Other:
      * Kor Mereti will now use Wanderer hails after becoming friendly. (@Amazinite)
      * The Pug in Pug Iyik are now a separate government from the Pug in Deneb. (@Amazinite)
      * Hai space is now patrolled by Hai ships with scanners. (@NomadicVolcano)
      * Added a blue flame to the base of the Fire-Lance projectile sprite to give it a blow-torch effect. (@Amazinite)
      * Solar panels are now used by various human ships. (@Amazinite)
      * Tweaked the description of the Ka'het Primary Cooling. (@beccabunny)
      * Renamed the Carrier and Cruiser licenses to the Navy Carrier and Navy Cruiser licenses. (@Zitchas)
      * The Pug Arfecta will now defend the Wanderers if the player attacks them. (@Amazinite)
      * The Hauler VI missions now mention why Southbound Shipyards skipped over the Hauler IV and V. (@Anarchist2)
  * Game mechanics:
    * Added a "solar heat" attribute that generates heat based on the type of and distance to the system star(s). (@Amazinite)
    * Automatic conditions are now updated daily instead of only on landing. (@petervdmeer)
    * The flagship's system and planet are now automatic condition variables. (@petervdmeer)
    * Negative shield/hull energy and shield/hull fuel will no longer block the ability to repair. (@Amazinite)
  * Under the hood:
    * Organized the game data into subfolders based off of factions and species. (@Amazinite)
    * Generate downloadable continuous builds upon commit. (@MCOfficer)
    * Make AppImage releases compatible with systems older than Ubuntu 18.04. (@MCOfficer)
    * Expanded the credits to acknowledge everyone who has contributed to the game on GitHub. (@Zitchas)
    * The game's build systems now support placing code files in subdirectories. (@tehhowch)
    * Various improvements to the GitHub build pipeline. (@MCOfficer, @petervdmeer, @tehhowch)
    * Release note updates for the Appstream XML file. (@corecontingency)

I’ve been playing a lot of FTL lately, while thinking about Endless Sky… :slight_smile: